The video located above showcases a practice session from the last summer intensive.This year we intend to continue the ground work started last year in an effort to continue growing not only the dance skills of the wonderful young and men and women of the greater Maryland community.But to help them build the self confidence and poise that will last them a lifetime.



Ballet- Ballet is the core of all dance styles. These classes focus on graceful dance etiquette where techniques in all basic movements are defined and implicated including balancing, gait, posture, jumps, poise, flexibility, coordination, timing, turns, and leaps. Training in ballet is strongly encouraged to serious dancers, and is a requirement for participation in certain classes.


Modern- Dancers will explore free and intricate movement using basic modern dance techniques such as Horton and Dunham. Body awareness, spatial awareness, strength, balance, and dramatic engagement of the torso and hips are all emphasized in this class.


Contemporary- This is a beautiful fusion of ballet and modern dance with a more fluid and emotional style. It is similar to Lyrical dance which expresses the mood, tone, and lyrics of music.

Jazz- is an energetic, upbeat dance style with many steps akin to that of ballet. Various styles of jazz exist and are taught at our facility including modern style fusions of jazz dance, Broadway style, and jazz funk. Strength, stamina, and endurance are developed as the students learn various jazz dance styles in every level. It is recommended to take ballet with jazz.


Company Rehearsals- Theses classes are closed; and by audition only. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a company member.



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