Class Descriptions

Ballet- Ballet is an essential, core style of dance. These classes focus on graceful dance etiquette where techniques in all basic movements are defined and implicated including balancing, gait, posture, jumps, poise, flexibility, coordination, timing, turns, and leaps. Training in ballet is strongly encouraged to serious dancers, and may be a requirement for participation in certain classes.


Modern- Dancers will explore free and intricate movement using basic modern dance techniques such as Horton and Dunham. Body awareness, spatial awareness, strength, balance, and dramatic engagement of the torso and hips are all emphasized in this class.


Contemporary- This is a beautiful fusion of ballet and modern dance with a more fluid and emotional style. It is recommended to take Ballet with Contemporary.

Jazz- An energetic, upbeat dance style with many steps akin to that of ballet. Various styles of jazz exist and are taught at our facility including modern style fusions of jazz dance, Broadway style, and jazz funk. Strength, stamina, and endurance are developed as the students learn various jazz dance styles in every level. It is recommended to take ballet with jazz.


Tap- A fun, rhythmic style of dance that is timeless. Dancers will learn rudimentary rhythms, timing, and quick footwork demonstrating basic classical tap technique. Styles may vary from Broadway, character, hoofing, and rhythmic funk.


Hip Hop- A popular urban dance style that is versitile and full of non-stop energy. From old schools styles, new and trendy, and freestyling, this class is perfect for the expressive, and free-spirited dancer.


Ballet/Tap Combo- This kids class is perfect for children who are beginning to explore dance or love classical dance styles. This class is great for shy, reserved children. They will learn rudimentary techniques and choreography while having fun incorporating dance games, improvisation, and other creative movement activities. Each class, the dancers will have 30 minutes of Ballet, then 30 minutes of Tap.


Hip Hop/Jazz Combo- This kids class is upbeat from start to finish! This is a great introductory class for faster styles of dance. Great for outgoing, rambunctious children. They will learn classic jazz technique and basic hip hop styles. Along with choreography, dancers will experience dance games, freestyling, and creative movement. Each class, the dancers will have 30 minutes of Hip Hop, then 30 minutes of Jazz.


Stretch, Technique, & Conditioning- This is a non-recital class (no choreography). The full hour focuses on strenghtening the core and muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and improving basic dance techniques. Working on these foundations builds a stronger dancer and a more physically fit individual. Drop ins and adults are welcomed to this class. Dancers under 10 years of age should seek instructor approval before enrolling.


Company Rehearsals- These rehearsals are reserved for the Youth Company only to prepare for public performances, conventions, and competitions. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a company member.



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