The video located above showcases a practice session from the last summer intensive.This year we intend to continue the ground work started last year in an effort to continue growing not only the dance skills of the wonderful young and men and women of the greater Maryland community.But to help them build the self confidence and poise that will last them a lifetime.


The Genesis Dance Company


The Genesis Dance Unlimited Youth Company is an ensemble of talented dancers that perform across the Washington, DC metro area. The Company was established in 2012 to bring together pre-professional students who wanted more performance opportunitites and further their studies in dance education.


GDU provides a quality program that allows these young dancers to explore the world of professional performing arts through many facets. Although there is an audition process each year for Company members; GDU will often consider dancers with potential to grow into an advanced level dancer instead of solely recognizing dancers who are already advanced. Because of this diversity, the Company is divided in levels according to age and/or skill. GDU does not discriminate dancers on physical appearances, heritage, socio-econimic status, religion, sex, race, gender, or orientation.


Dance Company members participate in a variety of performance settings including regional/national competitions, productions, photo shoots, student choreography, traveling, workshops, conferences, master classes, and concerts. Each Company member builds a pre-professional dance portfolio with which they may use for any purpose.


The Genesis Dance Company aims to provide opportunities and experiences for young dancers that will enrich their growth and development in the world of fine arts; creating strong, healthy, and cultured individuals who become successful adults whether or not professional dance becomes their career.




The Company is comprised of three levels, in which members are separated by a combination of age and skill level.


Company Levels​


Mini Company

Approximately Ages 7-11


Junior Company

Approximately Ages 10-13


Senior Company

Approximately Ages 12-17



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