GDU Youth Company


The Genesis Dance Unlimited Youth Company is an ensemble of talented dancers that perform across the Washington, DC metro area. The Company was founded by the artistic director, Keisha Gervais, in 2012. It was formed with intentions of bringing together talented and driven youth who have more to offer in the dance industry than recitals.


As there are limited opportunities for young dancers to expand as performers in a pre-professional setting; GDU provides a quality program that allows young dancers to explore the world of professional performing arts through many facets. Although there is a selection process for Company members; unlike many other pre-professional programs, GDU will recognize potential and put in the work it takes to develop a good dancer into a great dancer. GDU prides itself on diversity and does not discriminate dancers on appearances.


As a Company member, the dancers experience includes but is not limited to competitions, productions, photo shoots, student choreography, traveling, workshops, conferences, master classes, and formal gala’s. Each Company member builds a pre-professional dance portfolio with which they may use for all purposes.


Our goal is to help our Company members have the most impressive, and versatile resume before they reach their collegiate years. When most pre-professional dancers are limited to what they can do, the GDU Youth Company pushes those boundaries to provide life changing opportunities and get young dancers an incredible head start into a career of professional dance.


The Company is comprised of three levels, in which members are separated by a combination of age and skill level.


Company Levels​


Mini Company

Approximately Ages 7-11


Junior Company

Approximately Ages 10-13


Senior Company

Approximately Ages 12-17


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